Every organisation deserves the best of Microsoft’s technology

Thanks to our expertise and our customer’s proximity

We help you simplify and translate Microsoft’s technology to accelerate your digital transformation.

Modern productivity

We build dream teams, transforming your digital workspace into a space where your teams can create, think and work together with Microsoft 365.

Develop an innovation and data platform

We help our customers to develop their cloud culture and the capabilities they need to be innovative and agile – to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

Modernize infrastructure

We build low-code centers of excellence at our customers to accelerate the automation of user-generated processes.

The best of the Microsoft platform.

The world is changing at an impressive rate. The magnitude of disruption has forced companies to adapt to this new pace. Leveraging technological innovation has never been more critical.

Today, companies must constantly adjust the way they operate. They need to become more and more flexible, reinvent themselves, and continuously innovate to stay relevant and ensure business sustainability.

Tomorrow’s leading organizations will be those that place technology at the heart of their business strategy and have the audacity to reimagine everything.

That’s why adopting an innovative platform such as Microsoft is the guarantee of maintaining your competitive advantage. Kumoo helps you accelerate change by leveraging the best of Microsoft’s cloud technology. Together, we prepare your organization for the future by staying on course for growth.

The 4 pillars of our mission.

1. The best of the Microsoft platform

We offer Microsoft tools that perfectly fit the needs of your employees and your organization.

As part of the Cronos group, we are the leader in Microsoft experience on the Belgian market.

Kumoo helps you to implement them with pragmatism, a great sense of responsibility, always keeping in mind efficiency and concrete results.

The 4 pillars of our mission.

2. Accompanying change and ambition

The adoption of innovative technologies requires change management within the organization. A crucial dimension is the issue of acceptance and appropriation of the technology by the company’s stakeholders.

Kumoo makes every effort to make this possible by establishing a close relationship with users, IT, and the business.

We are passionate about what we do and we make it a point of honor to satisfy our clients by always focusing on the human aspect of change.

The 4 pillars of our mission.

3. Focus on innovation

Innovation and our ‘Cloud First’ strategy are the main motivations behind all of Kumoo’s choices. This allows us to be always one step ahead, but above all to offer sustainable career paths.

Our primary ambition is to build stable and lasting relationships with all of our employees, offering challenging long-term jobs where everyone can realize their dreams and ambitions.

At Kumoo, every employee is an innovator. Our strong innovation culture mobilizes the potential of each individual and creates a collaborative environment focused on well-being at work. We offer a dynamic, open-minded, fun, and entrepreneurial work environment.

The 4 pillars of our mission.

4. Cronos ecosystem at the heart of your digital strategy

The Cronos Group digital ecosystem offers unlimited possibilities. As a Gold Partner with over 30 years of experience, we have a unique partnership with Microsoft.

Our know-how is recognized and allows us to offer our clients the best of the Microsoft platform so they can be at the forefront of new developments and at the heart of innovation. 

We have an unrivalled expertise and experience in Microsoft technologies on the Belgian market – Some figures : 

We have an unrivalled expertise and experience in Microsoft technologies on the Belgian market – Some figures : 

  • 1.250 Microsoft consultants in Belgium
  • 11 MVP’s (Most Valuable Professional)
  • 17 Gold certificates
  • 9 advanced specializations 

Who is KUMOO ?

We are a Cronos company dedicated to Microsoft cloud solutions in Brussels and Wallonia. We represent all the expertise of the group.

We help our customers to increase their agility, develop resilience and new capabilities to stay relevant in the digital age.

Through our technology solutions and services we translate the different Microsoft Clouds in a simple and efficient way to generate maximum value for our customers.

Microsoft partnership