What we do

Simplify and translate Microsoft’s technology to accelerate your digital transformation

You want to become more innovative, efficient and productive ? We guide you in the reflection, the implementation and the change management in the following domains : 

Modern productivity

We build « dream teams » by transforming your digital workplace for your teams to create, work and optimize their processes together with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform.

Develop an innovation and data platform

We help our customers develop their data culture and deploy data solutions to take better decisions and to transform their products.

Modernize infrastructure

We help our customers develop their cloud culture and the necessary capabilities to be innovative and agile to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

Modern productivity

Deployment and adoption of the collaboration tools

Your employees find it difficult to collaborate in a world that is more and more digital ? You find it difficult to accelerate adoption of your new collaboration tools? You face security issues in your IT environment?

With the cloud, give your teams a productive and secure workplace. We guide you in defining a hybrid workplace strategy, in the deployment of the collaboration platform and in the support of your users in using new tools.


With hybrid work becoming a standard, with personal devices entering the modern workplace, with new technologies like cloud, the security strategy of organizations must be adapted to face new challenges. A traditional security approach is not sufficient anymore. A zero-trust paradigm is needed to ensure end-to-end security.

We help you in the reflection, the evaluation of your security posture, recommendations and deployment of improvements to face internal and external threats.

Processes digitization

Today, the creation of applications can be done much faster and cheaper than before thanks to low-code/no-code tools like the Power Platform. With these tools, you give your teams the power to automate and optimize their processes with innovative solutions.

We help you in the creation of these solutions as in the set up of a center of excellence to facilitate usage of these new tools in your organization.

Develop an innovation and data platform

Data strategy and ideation

Your data is one of your most important assets to improve your products, services and processes. Where to start exactly to unlock the full potential of your data?

We guide you in setting up a data strategy for your organization. Following our methodology, we explore together useful scenarios for you and prioritize them. We explore the IT implications, the steps, tools and organizational changes to put in place to execute your new data strategy.

Modern data platform

You want to improve the usage of data in your organization? You want to provide more agility to your workers while keeping control on your data?

We guide you in the set up and deployment of a modern data platform, integrating your existing data sources and preparing for new ones. Data analytics in the cloud allows to ingest, transform and analyze data at scale. We build this platform with you so you can take better decisions faster.

Artificial Intelligence platform

You are convinced that advanced use of your data with artificial intelligence (AI) can unlock an enormous potential for your organization? You don’t know how to start with this technology?

Whether your have seasoned data scientists in your team or you are at early stage of adopting AI, we can help you move to the next level. We guide you in the design and the implementation of a cloud platform for AI developments. With such a platform, you will develop, manage and operationalize AI models efficiently and securely. Even business users can create their own AI models without prior knowledge of AI.

Infrastructure modernization

Cloud strategy and business case

You consider cloud as a key pillar of your IT strategy? You would like to assess the potential for cloud in your organization?

There exist many approaches to embrace cloud. Every organization has its own path to an optimal cloud journey. We create with you a business value assessment, a technical assessment of your environment and an appropriate roadmap.

Azure foundation

You decided to start with Azure or you want to modernize your environment to optimize cost, performance, reliability and security according to best practices?

With our experts, we review your environment and give recommendations based on the Azure Well-Architected Framework and a unique set of tools from our KUMOO toolbox to automate and accelerate the evaluation of your environment. For new deployments, we set up a landing zone according to best practices to ensure that your workloads are managed with maximal efficiency and security.

Migration / optimization / innovation

You want to deploy new workloads to Azure? We help you with that. We migrate your workload to the cloud based on a plan defined together to minimize impact on your users.

A server migration is not a simple “lift & shift”. We optimize the workload to get all the benefits from the cloud.

For application modernization, we help you assess the application to investigate a potential refactoring of (part of) the application to leverage the cloud adequately.